My connection to the Baconing is a very minimal one. If you check out the PSN leaderboards for Deathspank or Thongs of Virtue, you’ll see my handle (TheMadSpin) hovering near the top of a couple of lists.

Well, the guys had a little contest to see what the name for the third game should be. I suggested “The Baconing” and they picked it.

The guys at Hothead sent me a box of awesome swag as a reward, and I’m drinking coffee out of my Hothead coffee mug as I type this:

Hothead Mug

(I may have orchestrated that for greatest impact).

Either way, it was an exciting moment for me, and hopefully a fun bit of trivia.

I was a regular in the web-cartoon community that enjoyed its hay day in the two weeks that bridged December 1998 and January 1999.

I guess it lasted somewhat longer than that, but with commercial failures like, the trauma sent success back in time to kill its own grandfather.

Still, Huffington Post’s own Bob Cesca once enjoyed one of my dumb ideas so much that it became a Flash game, and then later became ridiculed by the internet.

Bob offered me an internship with the now defunct Camp Chaos, but I was a young guy, terrified to move to Philly and work for free, so this remains the lone relic of our collaboration.

I mean…I do retweet him sometimes.