Track List:

  1. Drift
  2. From Afar (King of Anchors)
  3. What You Are
  4. Shine
  5. Cut
  6. Fruition
  7. She Looked Away
  8. You’re Never Alone
  9. These Lies, These Lips, These Streets
  10. That Moment
  11. The Pass

From Afar was an unusual, rewarding project.

I was introduced to David Wilkinson through a mutual friend, Davis Bell. I’d met Davis in grad school, both of us working on our writing degrees. He was nearly done by the time I arrived, so while we got along well, we didn’t have a lot of time to get to know one another.

Still, he’d seen and heard some of my music, so when his good friend David started shopping around for a pure vocalist for his album, my name (and work) came up.

My original function on this album, one that David had hoped to release for nearly ten years, was simply as the vocal surrogate for his ideas. However, as we got to know one another, and trust one another artistically, we began to collaborate more.

We had our first conversation in May of 2013, and by December 2013 we’d written half a dozen songs together, and recorded even more.

I wrote the lyrics to From Afar, Cut, and That Moment, as well as the music and lyrics to These Lies. I also contributed minor edits and embellishments to She Looked Away, and Shine.

While I perform the bulk of the vocal work on the album (spelled only by David’s wife in What You Are), David Wilkinson is the mind behind the music in ten of the 11 songs.

I feel incredibly fortunate that he invited me along for the ride and gave new life to one of my own songs.